A Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehab Center, Fontana's Cedar House Provides Effective, High-Quality Care

If you're ready for a change, we are ready for you. At Cedar House—a rehab center providing substance abuse treatment—Fontana-area men and women find programs that can help turn the tide against chemical dependency.

Making the choice is sometimes difficult. You may be uncomfortable with leaving behind family, friends, work, or school. You may be scared about changing your life, even if you know that it is destructive, dangerous, and ultimately unfulfilling. But it's the right choice, and it's one that we make easier for you.

Cedar House's rehab center gives Fontana residents a safe and comfortable place to do the work of sobriety. We use best practices, evidence-based addiction treatment, and highly-trained staff members to assist in your recovery.

Programs to Fit Your Treatment Needs

The most common substance abuse treatment program Fontana participants choose is our residential treatment service. This inpatient program provides a community living format.

Among other benefits, residential living gives you a chance to get out of your normal environment. Many people find that there are triggers in their day-to-day world that lead to relapse. By staying with us instead, they can get better control over their chemical dependency.

Alternatively, our outpatient rehab center program allows people to continue living at home in Fontana while taking part in addiction treatment. This program may be suitable for people who are integral to their family's daily needs.

However, outpatient work requires a significant commitment, including testing and three-to-five days a week of therapy. The rigor we impose helps participants have the best chance for success.

Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs

Beyond our typical addiction treatment, Fontana women who are pregnant or who have children may explore services that meet their unique needs.

The Before You Were Born program takes place at Cedar House and provides individual and group therapy. Participants also learn about neonatal care, receive health and parenting guidance, and prepare for their child's arrival.

The Mothers with Children program invites these participants to continue their good work at Cedar House's sister facility: Maple House. Maple House provides a residential living experience for families and a stable and safe environment for children. In this setting, mothers continue receiving treatment, and they learn valuable parenting and life skills.

What Distinguishes Cedar House

Fontana residents choose our substance abuse treatment programs for many different reasons. One of the most important is our sense of community. Cedar House cultivates openness, respect, and trust among its participants. We work with individuals from many walks of life, all of whom have the same goal.

As a result, our participants find common ground with others during their time at Cedar House. They become open to the process of change, and they gain hope that they will find success through the program.

If you are ready to make the first step toward a new life, we invite you to learn more about our rehab center and our addiction treatment programs. Fontana residents can reach Cedar House by calling 800-246-HELP (4357).