Spiritual Change with Cedar House Rehab Center | Fontana, CA

Many paths can lead a person to a rehab center. Fontana men and women who are struggling with addiction often become chemically dependent because they are seeking a different state of being. They turn to drugs or alcohol in search of contentment. Unfortunately, they destroy many of the things they care about—family, friendships, career, and health—for false and fleeting happiness.

People who are in this situation can change. Most importantly, they need to gain a sense of their spiritual self: the identity that goes beyond compulsion and past mistakes, straight to the heart of what they are really looking for. It is the self that recognizes it is part of something greater.

At Cedar House—an evidence-based, high-quality therapeutic rehab center—Fontana residents can find this spiritual self. We are not a religious or theological organization. Instead, we provide a safe and comfortable space for healing and development. Learn more below about our work.

Open and Honest

When considering Cedar House for drug or alcohol treatment, Fontana residents often have questions about whether our programs are the right fit. Fortunately, we offer a complete continuum of care. From detox to treatment to transitional living services, participants get the support they need wherever they are in their recovery.

There are many reasons we offer a range of services, but the most important for our participants is that it allows them to be themselves. When they are new to a rehab center, Fontana men and women may attempt to be something they are not: healthier, happier, more in control. Because we offer programs that meet patients where they are, it gives them the freedom to be open and honest about their needs.

Our Community

We support this openness with an individualized treatment plan and a team of professionals. Participants have a case manager who is clinically trained to arrange for their care, and our licensed professional staff and medical team oversee the program. Many of them are recovering individuals, giving them a better understanding of the challenges that participants face.

Even with this support system in our rehab center, it's sometimes difficult for Fontana participants to feel comfortable in the work of sobriety. Anything that is new takes time to accept. We help participants change by providing a true community.

Our group and one-on-one sessions contribute to this cause. So does our community living, daily activities, and the general culture of acceptance. Once participants have been with us for a few days, they begin to recognize how supportive everyone is, and they start to accept the emotional and spiritual benefits. That's when true change begins.

Here, people can understand better who they are, how they relate within the community, and the issues that have led them to unfulfilling chemical dependency. The spiritual growth they achieve helps them handle the challenges they face. In doing so, they change their outlook… and their life.

Fontana residents can get more information about our rehab center by calling Cedar House at 800-246-HELP (4357).