Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Fontana Families and the Women with Children Program

A person's life can take a huge toll before she seeks help with alcohol treatment. Fontana women who finally receive the support they need may spend a lifetime repairing the relationships they have lost or regaining the opportunities they have missed. When children are involved, the price can be even higher.

However, there's a challenge. For many mothers who need alcohol treatment, Fontana-area rehab clinics don't have good resources for them and their children together. Fortunately, there's Cedar House, an organization that offers a safe and comfortable space for families to recover.

Cedar House provides evidence-based, high-quality therapeutic clinical addiction treatment. Fontana residents have relied on its services for over forty years. Our programs are certified by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, and they are led by a caring staff of trained professionals.

About the Women with Children Treatment Program

The Women with Children program—and its partner program for pregnant mothers, Before You Were Born—make use of special facilities near the Cedar House campus. Women with Children is hosted at Maple House, which was established in 1990. There, participants gain sobriety and learn to be good parents.

More specifically, Maple House utilizes the 12-step method of recovery. During their time in alcohol and drug treatment, Fontana mothers take part in individual and group therapy, alcohol / drug education, life skill training, parenting classes, and social and recreational activities.

The program lasts a minimum of 12 weeks and can last longer for women who require more assistance. Typically, there are up to 10 women in our group at once. While parents participate in the program, their children receive a stable and safe environment for their care.

A case manager helps each participant with a personalized treatment program. Trained medical staff and therapists give residents the tools they need to change their lives and to help them turn away from drug and alcohol addiction.

When they are ready, Fontana women may continue treatment outside of Maple House. The program offers mothers and their children an apartment living setting in the area. This phase of the process invites the entire family to join in, and it allows for integration back into the community.

Seeking Care. Finding Hope.

If you or someone you know has children and is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Cedar House has the proven ability to help people change their lives for the better.

We combine a caring community, effective programs, and resources that can make a difference, and we provide it to those in need at an affordable rate. Our nearby location means that participants can maintain a sense of normalcy for their families while still doing the work that is necessary to overcome chemical dependency.

For more information about Cedar House, Maple House, and drug and alcohol treatment in Fontana, call 800-246-HELP (4357).