Affordable Drug and Alcohol Treatment | San Bernardino, CA

When seeking drug or alcohol treatment, San Bernardino residents have important factors to consider:

  • Those seeking help want a continuum of care. The facility they choose should offer programs that meet their needs for where they are in their recovery..
  • People interested in rehab want a facility with a qualified, caring staff and proven programs for addiction. Having one without the other decreases their chances for success in drug and alcohol treatment.
  • San Bernardino men and women should look for a rehab center that respects their value and self-worth. Treatment is an opportunity to change one’s life for the better, and the facility should share this positive perspective.

Beyond each of these factors, there is one other important concern: cost.

Rehab centers can be expensive, and the last thing that participants want is to pay more than they can afford for addiction treatment. San Bernardino’s Cedar House provides the perfect blend of high-quality services and affordability for exactly this reason.

To accomplish this, we offer resources that those seeking treatment require, and we eliminate distractions and costly add-ons so that our participants have the best programs, staff, and experience possible.

Providing What Participants Need

Cedar House is a non-profit organization that offers a range of effective services. Our 10-acre drug and alcohol treatment facility is based near San Bernardino instead of a more costly area, such as Malibu or Palm Springs.

For a lower price, we are able to provide beautiful grounds, communal living, and a variety of amenities, such as a gymnasium, serenity garden, and walking track. Our multipurpose room and outdoor settings add beauty and introspection to the healing process.

However, unlike other facilities, we do not invest in opulent mansions, poolside rooms, private attendants, and other amenities that distract from the work of sobriety. Cedar House helps participants focus on real needs and real connections with others in the community.

We do this by providing resources that lead to true rehab success. For example, we offer a large, experienced, and qualified staff. Those who work as part of our team understand the goals of our participants and treat them with dignity, compassion, and supportive care.

It also means that our programs provide evidence-based, high-quality treatment. We are licensed and certified by the state, and our medical professionals stay abreast of the best techniques in rehabilitation.

Finally, we offer a continuum of care that serves participants at every stage of recovery. Each individual who takes part in Cedar House’s services receives treatment that is appropriate for his or her situation. We continue to support their sobriety for as long as needed, offering transitional living and alumni programs to our participant community.

The pricing of our programs means that more people can get the care they require for as long as is necessary. We invite you to explore our work and to begin your process now.

Learn more about drug and alcohol treatment programs for San Bernardino residents. Contact Cedar House at 800-246-HELP (4357).