Pregnant Women and Addiction Treatment: Fontana Families Turn to Cedar House

When it comes to addiction treatment, Fontana men and women want care that meets their individual needs. People who are battling chemical dependency require personalized attention; the opportunity to step away from risks to their sobriety; and the resources that can help them change.

Cedar House understands these needs. For over forty years, our rehab facility has offered effective substance abuse treatment. Fontana-area residents have turned to Cedar House to find hope, and they have discovered a supportive community and a professional staff that cares for their needs.

We also know that women who are pregnant require an added level of medical care and individual support. Our Before You Were Born program provides a specialized program for expectant mothers.

Below, learn more about this form of addiction treatment. Fontana women are encouraged to get in touch after reviewing this information to learn more about our work.

Before You Were Born Addition Treatment Program

Cedar House provides quality addiction treatment for Fontana-area women who are pregnant. It is extremely important that mothers learn to overcome their addictions so that they can provide proper care for their children before and after they are born.

The first phase of the program takes place at our main facility, where we host 10 beds for expecting mothers who are abusing substances or who are at risk for this kind of abuse. The program is led by an expert in family counseling services. Therapists work with participants to help them care for children in utero and to provide important educational opportunities. Participants receive intensive substance abuse treatment, attend therapy, and learn relapse prevention strategies.

To give mothers the best opportunity for success, Cedar House also limits the barriers that often keep expecting mothers from getting good care:

  • We provide transportation to and from medical and legal appointments.
  • We offer aftercare and outpatient treatment to our participants.
  • Once the children are born, we help mothers transition into our Women with Children addiction treatment program.

The second phase of care also takes place near Fontana at our sister location, Maple House. At Maple House, mothers have a safe and comfortable environment to care for their children and get the help that they need. There, they put into practice what they have learned in Before You Were Born so that they can become sober and active leaders of the family they have created. While they are in treatment, their children have a safe and stable environment that keeps them close to their mothers.

Maple House prepares women for reintegration into the community by providing individual treatment planning; individual and group therapy; life skills education; and parenting skills classes. After participants have completed this phase, they may continue on to independent or apartment living, which allows them to reconnect with their family and to ease into the wider community.

To get more information about addiction treatment near Fontana, contact Cedar House at 800-246-HELP (4357).