Cedar House: A Rehab and Treatment Center San Bernardino, CA

For over forty years, Cedar House has been providing Southern California with effective and lasting substance abuse treatment. San Bernardino men and women turn to Cedar House for help overcoming chemical dependency and changing their lives for the better.

Adult Treatment Program

Our largest program is our adult residential treatment service. Held at our rehab center, San Bernardino participants live in a communal setting and receive individual and group therapy. Each participant has a case manager, individualized treatment plan, and ongoing guidance from licensed medical and support teams.

In addition to living onsite for substance abuse treatment, San Bernardino-area residents can opt for an outpatient program. This choice provides similar resources as the residential program, but participants can continue to support their family while seeking help from Cedar House.

Selecting between outpatient care and our inpatient rehab center in San Bernardino comes down to the participant's needs. For some people, living off-site offers familiarity and the stability from one's support system. For others, their current environment provides too much risk to make an effective recovery, and they need time with our residential program to move past their addiction.

Programs for Pregnant Women and Mothers

Women who are expecting a child have needs that can't be served by some rehab centers. Fortunately, at Cedar House, San Bernardino mothers-to-be can get the support they want.

Our Before You Were Born program provides neonatal and early childhood care in addition to traditional substance abuse treatment. San Bernardino women receive advice about what to expect during pregnancy and guidance about parenting.

Our Women with Children program is the next step for many of these participants. It takes place at the Maple House rehab center, also located in San Bernardino. Maple House is a small group setting that provides a safe, comfortable, and stable environment for children and mothers alike. In this residential living program, mothers continue to receive drug and alcohol abuse treatment. They also are taught important life and parenting skills, and they participate in social and recreational activities.

After-care Program

The struggle against addiction does not end after the completion of a Cedar House program. We offer our after-care group as a weekly opportunity for alumni of Cedar House to reconnect with the community. Any of our participants who have completed the residential or outpatient program is welcome to attend.

After-care is designed to address the daily clean and sober issues that participants may be experiencing. Similar to their program experience, we offer a safe and supportive environment for discussing relapse triggers, stress management, and personal issues, such as family and career. Typically, we recommend that alumni participate in after-care for between six months and one year.

The Next Step

Whatever stage you have reached in your recovery, we invite you to participate in a Cedar House program. We offer a continuum of care, an open community, and the support that you need to help you move forward.

Learn more about our San Bernardino treatment center. Contact Cedar House at 800-246-HELP (4357).