More than a Rehab Center: San Bernardino’s Cedar House

Overcoming addiction can require more than having the will to make a change. There are a variety of resources and relationships that can make the difference between success and relapse. This is why you need more than a basic “rehab center.”

San Bernardino men and women who are fighting addiction to drugs and alcohol know the powerful effects that these substances can have. They can impact relationships, careers, and their ability to find happiness. In short: addiction is deeply-rooted in their daily experience, and they need treatment options that change that experience for the better.

The work we do at Cedar House goes far beyond that of a typical facility. We are an established non-profit organization focused on helping participants overcome addiction. Through drug and alcohol treatment, San Bernardino clients can have the mental and emotional growth needed for lasting sobriety.

We distinguish ourselves from other programs in several ways…

Our Quality Treatment

Cedar House helps to improve the lives of participants through evidence-based, high-quality therapeutic treatment.

Our rehab center programs for San Bernardino participants are licensed and certified by the State of California. To support these programs, we keep a sizeable professional staff on hand, each member of which offers specific expertise and a diversity of experience.

The depth of understanding that our staff provides, coupled with the proven success of our therapeutic programs, gives our participants the confidence they need to progress in their recovery.

Continuum of Care

One of the reasons a typical rehab center experience does not work for some people is that it offers limited care. For example, the facility may only provide a small window of time for the participant to recover.

The problem is that not every person is ready to leave rehab in 28 days. Some people need more time for physical recovery. Other participants are not ready to re-enter the environments they left, especially when those places are triggers for their addictions. Still others want to grow stronger in their commitment to change before they leave treatment.

Cedar House provides a different type of rehab center experience for San Bernardino participants. Treatment can be part of a complete continuum of care: inpatient and outpatient programs; detox; transitional living; reintegration, and continued participation as alumni of the program.


Cedar House is a 4 1/2 acre facility with beautiful grounds, comfortable living quarters, and modern conveniences. While other facilities may offer a vacation atmosphere with mansions, personal trainers, and poolside rooms, we believe that these amenities don’t help participants achieve their goals. Instead, our staff and participants are focused on the work of healing.

By locating our rehab center in San Bernardino and by providing participants with resources that matter, we offer high-quality care that is more cost-effective and that people can afford for longer periods of time. As a result, they have the time they need to recover.

Get in Touch

Now that you understand the advantages Cedar House offers, we encourage you to explore our programs. Contact us at 800-246-HELP (4357).