Adult Residential Addiction Treatment: Riverside Residents and Cedar House Life Center

When it comes to addiction treatment, Riverside men and women are not always certain of the best place to turn for help. They may have explored twelve step programs, detoxification programs, and support groups but still not found what they need.

Cedar House aims to be different. With a forty-year track record of success in substance abuse treatment, Riverside residents find the help they need for lasting change.

Below, learn about our adult residential treatment program for men and women. Then, we encourage you to get in touch with Cedar House to find out about the experience we offer.

Our Riverside Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Riverside men and women who have issues with substance abuse often need to leave their current environment to change their life for the better.

They may be at risk in their current home. For example, some families have a culture of alcoholism or drug addiction, and being around habitual abuse can prevent them from moving forward. For other people, their neighborhood can be fraught with dangers and the potential for relapse. Simply walking out their front door each day becomes a challenge.

Cedar House's addiction treatment program takes Riverside participants out of their normal environment and puts them into a therapeutic, monitored situation. They are provided a safe, comfortable, and respectful space to do the work of sobriety and to achieve the change they are seeking.

Residents range in age from 18 to 80. Men and women live separately but at the same location, and services are tailored to each group and individual. Our program offers community living, a supportive culture, and best practices in therapeutic treatment.

The Experience

We tell our participants that anything that is new takes time to accept. This is especially true of sobriety and the experience that participants will have at Cedar House.

People are asked to share things that they have kept secret. They are invited to be part of a group where they don't yet know anyone. They are encouraged to be open about their fears and doubts. It can be an uncomfortable feeling to change from their self-destructive—but familiar—state into this type of open and vulnerable person.

Fortunately, they are not alone in this work. Our addiction treatment program assists Riverside men and women by helping them at every step. We provide an environment that lets participants be honest about their challenges.

Our supportive community, trained professional staff, and medical team meet participants where they are in their recovery and keep them moving forward. Some are recovering individuals themselves, which gives them a complete understanding of where participants are coming from.

With the help of their case manager, individualized treatment plan, group and one-on-one sessions, and a leveled approach to care, participants find the support they need… and the change that they want.

Riverside residents seeking effective addiction treatment are invited to contact Cedar House. Call us at 800-246-HELP (4357).