Our Rehab and Addiction Treatment Center | Riverside Residents Rely on Cedar House for Individual and Family Support

At Cedar House—an addiction treatment and rehab center—Riverside men and women who are struggling with substance abuse find the help that they need.

Cedar House provides an array of services that assist individuals wherever they are in the recovery process. This includes…

Detoxification: At our rehab center, Riverside residents who are dealing with extreme physical symptoms receive ongoing monitored care; proper rest and nutrition; and safe withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Cedar House provides experienced and licensed medical staff and therapists to ease individuals through their dependency.

Addiction treatment: Riverside men and women can choose from among several different programs based on their needs. Each provides an individualized program of care, a professional staff, and a supportive community of participants. Among the options available are our residential program; outpatient program; Women with Children; and Before You Were Born, which provides special resources for expectant mothers.

Transitional living / after-care: People who take part in our treatment center may not be immediately ready to return to live in Riverside. That is why Cedar House offers transitional living, through which participants can begin the task of reintegrating back into the wider community. In addition, Cedar House's after-care programs for alumni provide weekly support to past participants and give them the chance to discuss their concerns.

During addiction treatment, Riverside families may wish to be involved in the process to assist their loved one through their recovery. The involvement of the family may also be an important step for working through an unhealthy group dynamic. Cedar House hosts family support groups for these purposes.

More about Riverside Family Support Groups

Operated by an experienced addiction psychologist, family support groups bring together important people in the lives of the participants and help them understand their addiction in a different way.

Through this process, the participant comes to learn about his or her role in the family dynamic, and family members begin to see things from the participant's perspective. As a result, the family begins to heal together through addiction treatment.

Typically, a Riverside family begins with an orientation process. Cedar House staff will teach the family about the group dynamic and how to get the most from their time together. Afterwards, participants may join their family during group sessions as often as once per week, and all attendees are encouraged to participate.

Sessions take place at our rehab center near Riverside and vary in length depending on the needs of the family, though they tend to be one hour or longer. As required, Cedar House professionals may work one-on-one with individual family members if it can help move treatment forward for the participant.

Taking the Next Step towards Recovery Together

Whether you are considering family group support or you are interested in another of Cedar House's programs, we invite you to explore our rehab and addiction treatment center further. Riverside residents can reach Cedar House at 800-246-HELP (4357).