Substance Abuse Treatment: Riverside-area's Cedar House Life Change Center

Substance abuse can overwhelm every other aspect of a person's daily experience: the ability to enjoy family, friends, career success, and personal growth. Through substance abuse treatment, Riverside men and women can overcome chemical dependency and lead healthier, happier lives.

This is the goal of the Cedar House Life Center. At our treatment center, Fontana, San Bernardino, and Riverside-area residents receive individualized care and effective results.

We offer several programs, each of which is licensed and certified by the State of California's Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP.) Our approach uses best practices in therapeutic treatment; assistance from a trained and understanding professional team; and support from the community of program participants.

About Our Work in Substance Abuse Treatment

Riverside residents who choose Cedar House can select from among several different programs. Each of these programs is tailored to the needs of people at various stages of recovery…

The adult residential treatment program provides a community living experience and the opportunity for spiritual growth. By helping participants leave environments that may cause a relapse in their treatment, we allow them to make real change in their lives.

Our outpatient program offers similar treatment methods to the inpatient option, except that participants continue living in their home environment. They can take advantage of individual and group therapy sessions, Cedar House activities and facilities, and our professional staff.

Specialized programs are available for families. Often, the family dynamic can impact a person's ability to become sober and maintain that change in their lives. This option helps participants move past their addictions and improve their connections with loved ones.

We also provide substance abuse treatment for Riverside women who are pregnant and those who have children. At our dedicated facility, Maple House, mothers experience the social model recovery program. We provide participants with an individual treatment plan, therapy, alcohol and drug education, skill classes, and social activities.

Our Approach To Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Cedar House emphasizes the community aspect of recovery. We believe that seeing oneself as part of something is an important step in moving past one's addictions. That is why each of our treatment programs includes both individual and group treatment. It's also the reason that our activities are group-based, our quarters are community living, and our programs often include alumni of Cedar House.

People who have been through the Cedar House experience understand the challenges that a new environment can present. They know the discomfort that changing an entire life can cause, even if that life was held back by addiction and destructive behavior. They also are living proof that change can happen and that it can lead to a better daily experience.

Each of our programs encourages continued development through Cedar House with volunteer opportunities and after-care activities. Support is always there, helping people continue to live life in the way that they aspire.

If you live in the Riverside area and are considering substance abuse treatment, contact Cedar House at 800-246-HELP (4357).