Seeking a Rehab Center? Riverside Residents Find Complete Care at Cedar House

When it comes to finding the right rehab center, Riverside men and women may face a few challenges.

The first is the expense. Treatment facilities may charge participants fees that reflect the location. When a rehab center is based in Palm Springs or Malibu, the program may cost much more than if it is located in a less costly neighborhood. Unfortunately, when programs charge more than participants can afford for a rehab center, Riverside residents may not pay to receive care for as long as they really need.

The second challenge is the length of the program itself. Not every rehab center offers options that extend beyond thirty days. Those that do may not provide programs that ease participants back into independent living. As a result, participants who have done good work can experience relapse.

A third challenge is that the rehab center may not offer the type of care that meets the person's needs. Some facilities focus on detoxification. Others provide individual counseling and focus on healthy living, while still others offer community living and group therapy. Different people benefit from different approaches, and their needs change over time.

At Cedar House—an evidence-based, high-quality rehab center—Riverside men and women receive the support they need for as long as is required at a price that they can afford.

More about Our Programs

Cedar House is an established provider of drug and alcohol treatment. Riverside residents join our programs because they want effective and lasting change in their lives. We assist those who are struggling with chemical dependency by ensuring that they get the right care.

Cedar House overcomes the challenge of cost in several ways. The investment that participants make in treatment goes towards the resources, staff, and facilities that support change. We do not provide unnecessary distractions and extravagant amenities. Instead, our participants are focused on the work of sobriety.

In addition, we located our rehab center in the Riverside and San Bernardino area to avoid costs associated with more expensive neighborhoods. Even so, the Cedar House experience includes beautiful grounds, two separate gymnasiums, a walking track, a meditation garden, and other facilities. We help participants be comfortable in a serene and pleasant setting.

Cedar House resolves the second and third challenges by providing a continuum of care. Participants come to our program with varying needs. Some are experiencing the extreme symptoms of addiction and require medical support. Others are ready for inpatient treatment, while still others prefer outpatient programs. We provide each of these services, and all of our programs are licensed and certified by the State of California.

Cedar House helps participants transition from their current state of recovery to independent living and after-care (alumni support.) We keep participants connected to the community long after they have left our formal programs. Thanks to this continuum, we can offer treatment that goes to 90 days and beyond.

Find out more about our rehab center near Riverside. Contact Cedar House at 800-246-HELP (4357).