Cedar House and Alcohol Treatment | Riverside, CA

At Cedar House—a licensed facility for drug and alcohol treatment—Riverside men and women receive effective and lasting care. We have been providing programs to those struggling with addiction for over forty years, using best practices and an evidence-based approach.

For alcohol treatment, Riverside residents typically find Cedar House through one of these means…

A referral from a past participant of our programs. One of the reasons our clients have a strong record of success is the close community we have built among current participants, alumni, and staff. When people who are struggling with chemical dependency experience this community, they feel confident in their decision to join us.

When it comes to addiction treatment, Riverside families may lead the research process. When they explore Cedar House as an option for their loved one, we provide them with the information that they need about our programs, and we discuss our general approach to care. At Cedar House, our participants are respected, valued, and immediately welcomed into our community. They find common ground with others who are focused on the same goal of sobriety.

In some cases, people come to us after receiving care through governmental programs or community medical facilities. Cedar House's drug and alcohol treatment programs are recognized throughout the Riverside region for their quality and effectiveness. We work with individuals at many different stages of recovery, including those who are dealing with extreme physical symptoms and require medical care and detoxification.

There are some participants who come to Cedar House looking to overcome addiction but who need help with other related concerns, such as co-occurring disorders. Learn more below about the support they receive from our trained medical staff.

Co-occurring Disorders

Cedar House helps those who are affected by co-occurring disorders: the combination of addiction and mental health issues. In some cases, for alcohol treatment programs to be effective, Riverside men and women must receive help for both issues.

This might include depression, schizophrenia, and other mental health issues. For example, the manic phase of bipolarism can lead a person to stop taking the medications that keep him or her even. In the depression stage, they may seek to self-medicate or to turn to substance abuse. Either state can be disruptive to recovery if it is not controlled.

Cedar House addresses co-occurring disorders to eliminate factors that prevent participants from recovery. Medicating these mental health issues can create a clearer path forward. Our professional team help participants get back on track with their previous treatment or with a completely new approach. Many can go from experiencing serious symptoms to becoming well-functioning, self-controlled individuals.

Because we offer a complete continuum of care, we can provide the right professional staff for every stage of recovery. As a result, we are able to help more people achieve the change they are seeking.

Riverside men and women in need are encouraged to explore alcohol treatment with Cedar House. Call 800-246-HELP (4357).