Adult Residential Treatment

Our Adult Residential Program offers a comprehensive evidence-based curriculum that addresses a wide array of issues confronting men and women who are seeking a life change.



 Each participant will be assigned a case manager, who will help them develop a personalized treatment plan, designed to identify specific problems and provide a specific action plan to overcome them. The client is actively engaged in developing their treatment plan, ensuring that they are given assistance in the areas they desire to change.

 Cedar House realizes we serve a diverse population, and it is our intention to respect and honor our participant’s cultural backgrounds and tailor their treatment strategies to be congruent with their ethnic heritage. Cedar House recognizes that recovery is a life-long process, and we help prepare participants for life after treatment by introducing them to the 12-Step community through the numerous 12-Step meetings that are held at Cedar House throughout the week.

 Our Alumni group is another resource that participants can use to stay connected with a support system after their residential treatment is completed.