More than a Treatment Center: Riverside Residents and Cedar House

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a treatment center. Riverside residents who are considering the decision for the first time may not be sure what to expect or which experience will work for them.

A typical treatment center may offer a hospital-style setting for detoxification. Alternatively, it may focus on individual counseling or group counseling. Some facilities provide expensive amenities and vacation-style comforts, while others are more limited in their offerings.

Cedar House does not fit into any one of these categories. As an established treatment center, Riverside residents have relied on our programs for more than forty years to provide personalized care and effective therapy. Beyond setting, format, or amenities offered, participants often choose our facility because we focus on the aspect of treatment that has proven to be most successful: a sense of community.

The Connections We Make

At Cedar House's rehab center, Riverside men and women come looking to change their way of being. They may have used drugs and alcohol as a way finding a happier state of mind, only to experience the dangerous effects that these substances have on themselves and those around them.

By joining our residential community, participants find the help they need through the connections that they make. The culture of community is central to our work. Those who are experienced in the program teach those who are new about the way that the treatment center works.

Over time, new participants begin to recognize that they are part of something that is greater than themselves. They also develop relationships that allow them to share their concerns, ask questions, and find support.

Our clients come from a diverse background. We assist professionals, blue collar workers, and anyone else who is serious about change. We believe that having a wide range of people creates an atmosphere where the unimportant aspects of life are stripped away. Participants become "people first," all of whom are pulling for the same goal.

The Treatment Experience

When Riverside clients join our treatment center, they receive a continuum of care that meets them where their needs are at that time. Cedar House offers everything from detoxification all the way to transitional living and alumni programs.

The treatment center gives Riverside men and women the chance to take part in individual and group sessions; receive needed medical care; join community living and dining experiences; and share a spiritual approach to therapy. Cedar House gives them the time and place to do the work of sobriety.

We also offer social and entertainment activities to encourage connections between participants. Morning meetings let people showcase their talents: poetry, music, and whatever else they would like. Program graduations take place during these meetings as well, demonstrating the success that clients can expect by staying the course.

When you are ready to make a change in your life, we invite find out more about our treatment center. If you live in the Riverside area, contact Cedar House today at 800-246-HELP (4357).