Substance Abuse Treatment: San Bernardino's Cedar House Life Change Center and Our Approach to the Participant Experience

If it is their first time exploring substance abuse treatment, San Bernardino men and women may have certain ideas about what these programs are like.

Some people may think of it as a restrictive medical facility. They might imagine a place that doesn't provide personal attention, allow for individual freedom, or offer respectful support.

Other people may have a different idea about substance abuse treatment. San Bernardino residents may have visions of mansions overlooking swimming pools; personal trainers; and other elaborate expenses more suitable to a vacation destination.

Places like this may exist. However, people who are serious about improving their lives and moving past their addictions choose programs that offer the assistance that they need for true change.

Our Approach To Treatment and Recovery

At Cedar House, we believe that the focus of your efforts—and ours—should be overcoming chemical dependency.

We offer a safe and comfortable place for reaching this goal. Unlike the restrictive hospital setting you may imagine, our substance abuse treatment center gives San Bernardino residents dignity and value. We recognize the self-worth of every client, and we understand that treatment and recovery are very personal experiences with distinct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components.

Our Cedar House is a 4 1/2-acre campus where people can come to receive quality drug and alcohol treatment. We provide a community living experience that encourages a sober and healthy lifestyle. Our facility offers two gymnasiums, beautiful grounds, a serenity garden, walking track, and regular events outdoors.

At the same time, Cedar House does not aim for opulence. We believe that expensive services and unnecessary amenities distract our participants from the goal of overcoming addiction. All of our efforts and theirs are pointed towards introspection, connecting with the community, and finding balance in their lives.

Another benefit is that those who take part in Cedar House's programs can pay less and stay longer. Since we don't waste time and money on services that we don't feel will help our clients, these participants can be part of our community for as long as they need to recover from their addictions.

More about Cedar House Treatment Center

Cedar House is an evidence-based, high-quality therapeutic treatment center. Riverside, Fontana, and San Bernardino residents—and men and women from all parts of the region—come to Cedar House to get effective support for chemical dependency.

We provide clinical treatment services that span the continuum of care, from detoxification to inpatient and outpatient treatment to sober and transitional living services. Cedar House also offers specialized programs for women who are pregnant ("Before You Were Born") and the "Women with Children" program.

Cedar House is a 501© 3 non-profit corporation. We serve a culturally diverse population and employ a staff of highly-skilled professionals. All of our programs are licensed by California's Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP.) We invite you to learn more about our work by contacting us at 800-246-HELP (4357).